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Catechism of the Council of Trent
Prepared under the direction of St. Charles Borromeo
Issued under the authority of Pope Saint Pius V

   Sed quamvis hæc, ita sint, non consuevit tamen Ecclesia Baptismi Sacramentum huic hominum genere statim tribuere, sed ad certum tempus differendum esse constituit.  Neque enim ea dilatio periculum, quod quidem pueris imminere supra dictum est, coniuctem habet;  cum illis, qui rationis usu præditi sunt, Baptismi suscipiendi propositum atque consilium, et malæ actæ vitæ poenitentia satis futura sit ad gratiam et justitiam, si repentinus aliquis casus impediat, quominus salutari aqua ablui possint.  Contra vero hæc dilatio aliquas videtur utilitates affere....      Yet, even though things are so, it is nevertheless not customary for the Church to confer the Sacrament of Baptism on men immediately, but rather at fixed times appointed for this.  For the delay is not a danger as is said it would be over a child, for those with the use of reason, the resolution and plan of receiving Baptism and the full repentance for the bad acts of life endows them with grace and justice if suddenly some misfortune impedes so that they are not able to be washed with the saving water.  On the contrary, this delay appears to bring forth some usefulness.... 

Catechism of Trent, Pars II, Caput II, No. 36
English translation my own, substantially the same
 as page 179 in McHugh and Callan translation.


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